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Tips to Install Your Vinyl Flooring

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With the development of the green industry, SIJIAFLOR has gradually entered millions of families, offices, restaurants and hotels.

We are grateful for the owners choosing SIJIAFLOR. In order to achieve a high-quality pavement effect, other than selecting the right floor to matche the decoration style, it is also important to master the correct installtion tricks. Next, we will show you how to install the vinyl flooring nicely.


1)About the subfloor

(1) The foundation must be dry, flat, firm and ash-free;

(2) If it is a renovation of an old house, it is necessary to fill in the unevenness of the ground until it is flat. If the ground is flat or the tiles have been laid flat, it can be installed directly;

(3) It is recommended to use self-leveling before paving. The height difference of the subfloor within 1m should not exceed 2mm. If the height difference is too large, the subfloor should be re-leveled;

(4) Self-leveling must be thoroughly dry before construction.

2)About the planks

Before installtion, the floor must be laid flat for at least 24 hours to adapt to the ambient temperature. The most suitable humidity for install the click flooring is between 20% and 75%. The temperature must be maintained at 15°C to 25°C.

3)About the installation

The installation must be started from a corner of the room.The locks of the click flooring against the wall must be cut to avoid the floor arching caused by thermal expansion and contraction.


4)About reserved expansion joints

(1) The expansion joints should be left around 6mm~8mm;

(2) When the construction area is too large, the expansion joints should be applied on every 8m~10m distance to release expansion force;

(3) When installed against obstacles such as walls or pillars, it's also necessary to leave a gap for floor expansion and contraction.

5)Environmental restrictions

This type of flooring should not be installed outdoors, or in a long-term direct sunlight environment.


If there is any further questions about the vinyl flooring installtion, just feel free to contact with us. We are always here and happy to provide our customers the amazing service.





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