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Educational space| Care for the Growth of Students

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With the professional service concept, Sijia SuperCore provides comprehensive ground solutions for the education and training system, gives full play to the excellent performance of the floor, helps to create a healthy, safe and comfortable ideal education space, satisfy different needs, and protects the happy learning and healthy growth of students.

Case: Mengensier Playhouse

Product model: MSW4030-004

Sijia SuperCore wood grain floor provides Mengensier with integrated indoor pavement. The floor and stair face adopt unified finishes to make the space more integrated and atmospheric. The wood-colored floor creates a natural atmosphere, and the delicate texture enhances the comfort of the space.

Case: Pingnan Century City Kindergarten

Product model: S4312 S4313

The wood color floor is highly compatible with the classroom decoration style, which can well digest the interior decorations with high color saturation, so that the space is coordinated and the picture is comfortable.

Case: Shenzhen Jinhong School

Product model: Custom 1014

The vivid Pattern of Sijia SuperCore carpet floor is perfectly matched with gray and blue seats to create a beautiful and fashionable academic lecture hall.

Case: West Lake University

Product model: MSW4030-031

The cool color of Sijia SuperCore wood grain floor and red interior seats form a sharp contrast, forming a clear color visual effect, giving people a sense of shock.

Case: Xiamen Xinxue Youfang Education Institute

Product model: MSW4030-004

Sijia SuperCore floor Golding years series products are paved on the ground of Xiamen Xinxue Youfang Education Institution. Fashionable and unique spliced wood patterns cover every inch of the ground of the space, enriching the color of the ground and adding smart charm to the learning space.





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