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SIJIA Super-Core Explosive DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR !

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July 26th - July 28th


China International Floor Materials and Paving Technology Exhibition

SIJIA Super-Core lands in Magic City! 

Passionate "Summer"!

The Summer Heatwave

Ignites the passion of SIJIA Super-Core

What has Supernova brought this time?

The new eco-friendly main material

Green, environmentally friendly, healthy, innovative

As a pioneer in eco-building materials, SIJIA Super-Core

Adheres to the concept of sustainable development

Continuously innovates technology

Seeking safer and more environmentally friendly building materials

Continuously creating livable spaces for humanit

Non-PVC New Products

Environmentally friendly new materials, SIJIA Super-Core

 SIJIA Super-Core latest masterpiece

PP Eco-friendly Flooring

Using PP environmentally friendly materials

Product's green performance doubled

And the weight per unit area

Is only 80% of PVC flooring

Significantly reduces transportation energy consumption and costs

We focus on showcasing

Raw materials for NON-PVC flooring

PP sample books and PP flooring installations

To facilitate users to better understand PP flooring.

Signing Ceremony

SIJIA Super-Core and some distributors

held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony 

together opening a bright new future

SIJIA Super-Core

looks forward to moving forward with you.

User Experience

Good experience of the user

Is our eternal pursuit

Exhibition setting various areas

Enhance interaction between products and users

Test Zone

Audience can test the excellent performance of the floor

such as floor heating, stain resistance, anti-slip, and anti-collision

Experience the charm of SIJIA Super-Core up close.

Product display area


Magnetic 、Loose Lay,、Peel&stick、Sheet

A wide range of Sigeo Supernova core products for you to choose from

Magnetic attraction flooring DIY experience area

Experience the convenience of installing magnetic flooring

Who can easily master it

Floor accessories display area

Mouldings, baseboards, stairboards

A good soldier needs good weapons to match

SIJIA Super-Core flooring also has its exclusive accessories.

More exciting

Challenge oneself to continue breakthroughs

Heavy launch

Brand new 2020 series

Brand new EUGER series

Brand new Super 99 series

Environmentally friendly new main material, SHERA Superpower Core

SIJIA Super-Core embodies the green concept

Strive to be a pioneer under the "double carbon" background

Provide high-quality services to users

Contribute to the global environmentally friendly building materials industry





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