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New Products | SIJIA Ecore Ultra Flooring - FISHBONE

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In recent years, fishbone parquetry has been favored by many people and is widely used in various spaces. In order to meet the public's pursuit of fashion elements, SIJIA Ecore Ultra flooring has launched new fishbone patterns, injecting new vitality into the space with creative design and bringing a new experience.

From the technological side, the traditional laying method of fishbone is very complicated. It is necessary to cut the two short sides of a complete floor at an exact angle, which will cause great loss of the floor. However, the SIJIA Fishbone Flooring could be installed more easily and effective by aligning the pattern without trimming.


From an economic point of view, the traditional fishbone installation way costs a lot of time, energy and expenditures because of its complexity. SIJIA Fishbone Flooring will be more economical and applicable. It provides more choices to users who like the fishbone parquetry style but have insufficient budget.

Compared with ordinary floor designs, SIJIA Fishbone Flooring with geometric diagonal lines and different shades of color make the space more layered and beautiful. At present, it has 6 different types of patterns for selection, and can be made into two product categories, SPC and RVT, which adopt the patented lock technology and make installation faster.


In this era of emphasizing individuality, the floor is not only the floor, but also the manifestation of life attitude and personality. 

The eclectic design of the fishbone parquet of SIJIA Ecore Ultra Flooring renews aesthetic values to help you create a distinctive space.


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