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SIJIA Group held a grand production celebration in Fuqing!

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On the morning of July 26th, the commissioning ceremony of the building materials project of SIJIA Group Fuqing Material Science and Technology Industrial Park was held in Fuqing Jiangyin.More than 180 people from the group's management team and employees participated in the ceremony.

Light Up the Starting Column

At the beginning of the celebration, all the SIJIA family sang "Sing For Our Motherland" and SIJIA's group song "Create Miracles", and the echoing music attracted the surging passion in the hearts of all the people, and the loud singing conveyed the majestic power to create glory again.

Subsequently, everyone watched the documentary "Drawing a Blueprint for the Birth of Time" by SIJIA Group's Fuqing Material Science and Technology Industrial Park, reviewing the magnificent course of the industrial park from site selection and inspection at the end of 2020, project signing in 2021, foundation laying in 2022, and now realizing the production of building materials projects.

The most excited part of the ceremony is the building material project putting into prodcution.At the witness of SIJIA team,the chairman of SIJIA Group Lin Shengxiong and his wife Lin Hongtin,along with the General Manager of Shanghai SIJIA Huang Wanneng,the General Manager of Fujian SIJIA Liao Basheng,the General Manager in Material Marketing Department Liu Jun,the International Marketing Department General Manager Wang Zhaoyou,the Group Financial Director He Xiaoyan,the General Engineer Jiang Shisheng, the group General Facility Engineer Zhu Chaoyang and other executives are on board,following the strong counting down, pressing the button to start and at that moment 12 lighting poles lit up together, which means SIJIAR will walk toward bright future as well as it marks SIJIA Group Fuqing Material Science and Technology Industrial Park,the project of Building Material, officially puting into produciton.
The Chairman Lin Shengxiong delivered a speech at the ceremony. He stressed that SIJIA Group needs to grasp three development directions in the next stage. First, we plan to establish the tarpaulin business division, industrial fabric business division and other business divisions, with the development of materials, building materials business division; Second, each department will focus on the research and development of Non-PVC products in the next 3-5 years, optimize the product structure, and take the road of sustainable development Third, accelerate the pace of digital construction to achieve supply chain collaborative management. In his speech, he quoted the concept of Kazuo Inamori's success equation and encouraged the SIJIA staff through the right way of thinking, enthusiasm and ability to release the material and spirit happiness.

The general manager of Fuqing SIJIA Gao Juwen,said in his speech:"At this milestone moment,I would like to thank every force,every team and everyone.Thanks to the government for its strong support, the construction team for their efforts,I would also like to thank the team of SIJIAR , whose firm determination and unremitting efforts have formed a powerful force that can overcome many difficulties and bring us closer to our goal step by step."

Gather for Future,

Open New Chapter

The first phase of Fuqing SIJIA Group Fuqing Material Science and Technology Industrial Park covers an area of 21 acres, with a total construction area of 150,000 square meters, of which 110,000 square meters are industrial buildings, 20,000 square meters are R&D office buildings and 20,000 square meters are apartments for senior talents. At present, the overall construction progress of the first phase of the project has reached 90%, and will be fully completed by the end of 2023.
In his speech, General Manager Gao Juwen described the blueprint of SIJIA Group Fuqing Material Science and Technology Industrial Park: building materials division, tarpaulin division, PVC composite materials division, industrial fabric division and otherdivisions will be set up in the industrial park in the future, and a multi-division collaboration system will be formed . He said that the new industrial park will grasp the new development concept of " innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared". Sijia will improve visions, ensure the foresight of R&D, process improvement, innovative design, and enhance the core competitiveness. Sijia focuses on the implementation of the brand strategy to create a distinctive brand, and realize the accumulation of brand equity. The "product and service excellence" brand image will be built, and more value for customers and all parties will be created. Sijia is going to adjust the pace of development, implement energy conservation and emission reduction, and continue to fulfill our social responsibility and create value for the society.

"Thinking back to more than twenty years ago, chairman Lin led me to dig up the first
spadeful of soil on the Huanxi factory, at that time I could not imagine that we can construct so many production bases and being highly reputable in the new material industry at home and abroad." The General Manager of Shanghai SIJIA Huang Wanneng  m ade a speech in the sessions, he said" I trust SIJIA group, with our joint efforts,will make a leapfrog deployment in the next few years."

Deputy general manager of Fujian SIJIA Yao Peijian, general manager of group's material division Liu Jun, general manager of group's international marketing division and the group financial director He Xiaoyan gave a keynote speech in the ceremony. They presented the future direction of the group's high-quality development from the aspects of the group’s development of digitalisation and intelligence, new materials business, future industrial development plans, and operating performance budgets.

Yao Peijian

Deputy General Manager of Fujian SIJIA

"Digitalization and Intelligent Construction Plan of SIJIA Group"

At present, the Group's digital and intelligent construction has entered the second stage. SIJIA will take "realizing the integration of business and finance and supply chain synergy" as the stage goal, and accelerate the construction by using financial management platform, CRM, SRM, MES and other platforms. SIJIA plans to realize the third stage of building digital decision-making platform and marketing management platform in 2024.

Liu Jun

General Manager of Group Materials Division

"Strategic Layout of SIJIA Group's New Materials, 

Changes in New Fields of Application and New Channel Structure and Scheming"

  • Planning to develop new products such as Non-PVC material, POE film, PI film, PVF/PVDF film;

  • Planning to develop PP furniture film materials, wallpaper materials, flooring, wall panels and other PP environmental protection building materials;

  • Expanding the application fields of existing products and carrying out cooperative projects in multiple fields;

  • Optimizing the layout of product sales channels.

Wang Zhaoyou

General Manager of the Group's International Marketing Department

"SIJIA Group's Future Product Market Development Plan" 

  • Give full play to the advantages of SIJIA Group's 20 years of brand accumulation, as well as the scale advantages of Fuqing SIJIA Industrial Park, to develop the market of PVC flocking materials; 

  • Accelerate the cultivation speed of the Group's International Marketing Department's team, to satisfy the future needs of the industry ;

  • Explore the needs of the emerging market.

He Xiaoyan

Finance Director of SIJIA Group

"Interim Results and Full Year Budget of 2023"

At a time when the global economy was affected by the epidemic and geopolitical situation, SIJIA Group took various strong measures to ensure the stability of production and operation through intelligent transformation, optimization of product structure, optimization of operation management, development of new products, expansion of upstream and downstream industrial chain and other measures. In the coming period, SIJIA Group will consolidate its development stability and competitiveness by strengthening risk control, maximizing sales and minimizing expenses, and achieving digital management.

The successful commissioning of the building materials project of SIJIA Group's Fuqing Materials Technology Industrial Park is another victory achieved by SIJIA people. On the road of high-quality development, SIJIA people will continue to walk toward the light.





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