• Q How to install vinyl on stairs?

    Follow these steps to give your stairs the luxurious appeal of a beautiful vinyl floor.
    1. Start by removing any old floor covering. Repair any damage and make sure that the surface area of your stairs is perfectly clean and level.
    2. Cut the planks to the dimensions of the vertical side of each step. Use gloves and cut away from your body. We recommend using a concave cutter knife. Next, glue the plank that has been cut to measure to the vertical side.
    3. Take an aluminium profile and carefully place it on the edge of the stairs. Firmly screw this in position.
    4. Your steps will probably have a lot of irregularities. You will need to make these level using a levelling compound. Once this has been taken care of, sand everything down and vacuum. The transition between the aluminium profile and the surface of your stairs must be completely smoothed over as well.
    5. After this, you can start cutting the vinyl to size to cover each step. Glue them down and make sure that they fit snugly against the vertical side. Press firmly. Now your staircase looks like new.
    6. Repeat these steps for the rest of the stairs.
  • Q Can I simply replace a plank?

    If a plank is badly damaged, you can easily replace it following these simple steps: 
    1.Cut out the damaged plank;
    2.Remove the tongue on the long side of the new plank;
    3.Put soft PVC glue on the groove side of the opening in the installed floor;
    4.Install the plank and extend pressure on the glued long side.
  • Q How do I keep my SijiaFlor scratch free?

    SijiaFlor vinyl floors have a top coating that is highly wear and scratch resistant. Although SijiaFlor Luxury Vinyl Tiles meet the European technical standards, they are not scratchproof: certain sharp objects may damage your floor. That is why we recommend taking a few preventive measures:
    1.Use a doormat. It will help keep sharp and damaging objects, such as dust, sand and grit, out of your house.
    2.Add protection to furniture legs (chairs, tables, cabinets, etc.), and use castor chairs with soft wheels.
    3.Make sure the wheels of your vacuum cleaner are not too hard or badly damaged.
  • Q Do I always need the underlay?

    No. If your subfloor is perfectly level, an underlay is not needed. If that is not the case, we strongly recommend using a SijiaFlor underlay. Keep in mind that they act as an additional sound barrier as well.
    Why do we recommend a SijiaFlor underlay?
    Better levelling effect.
    Better impact sound reduction (the sound towards neighbors). Without an underlay Luxury Vinyl Tiles has very LOW impact sound reduction capacity (ΔLw = +/- 4dB). Adding the basic underlay increases the impact sound reduction to 16 dB.
    An underlay will eliminate the creaking noise of small dust and other particles under the floor.
  • Q Can I steam clean my vinyl floor?

    A The short answer is "no", since intense temperatures can make the LVT unstable. The long answer: it depends on the device you're using, the quality of the steam, the heat and steam distribution pattern, etc. If you really want to steam clean your vinyl floor, it's best to contact your device manufacturer directly. But, we don't recommend doing.
  • Q How to remove stains from vinyl flooring?

    Stains on vinyl flooring are usually not permanent. They only appear when a powerful chemical is left on the ground for too long. Obviously, it is something you will try to avoid.
    At all times, wipe up any spilled dirt and fluid as soon as possible. Use acetone, or a special cleaning agent, to remove stubborn stains. Use a cloth to thoroughly clean the floor to make it completely clean again.





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